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Victorian Farmers Federation update Thursday 17 January

February to April 2019: warm, dry outlook for Victoria

The February to April Climate Outlooks, issued 17 January, show Victoria is likely to be warmer and drier than average in the coming months. 

Rainfall is likely to be below average for most of the State. Below average rainfall is most likely in the northeast with chances reducing to the northwest and southeast—parts of the Mallee and Gippsland have roughly equal chances of a wetter or drier than average three months.

Maximum temperatures are very likely to be warmer than average this February to April. Most of the State has a greater than 80% chance of warmer than average daytimes.

Minimum temperatures are also likely to be warmer than average statewide. Chances are greater than 80% in parts of the south and most of the east but reduce slightly to the northwest.

Check out the outlook video and all the details in the Climate Outlooks.

Victoria in 2018: warm and dry

2018 was Victoria's warmest year on record for maximum temperatures and the driest year since 2006.

Maximum temperatures were warmer than average across the State, with parts of the southeast and northwest warmest on record. Minimum temperatures were also warmer than average—2018 was Victoria's sixth-warmest on record for minimum temperatures.

December was the only month with above average rainfall, thanks to tropical cyclone Owen helping fuel a low-pressure system over southeastern Australia by drawing very moist, unstable air down from the tropics. The system delivered about a month's worth of rain over northeastern Victoria. Gippsland, the Mallee and parts of the north had below average rainfall in most months; consequently, annual rainfall totals for most areas in those parts was in the driest 10% of records.

See all the details in the Annual Climate Summary for Victoria.

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