Victorian Farmers Federation update Thursday 31 January

Warmer than average February to April likely

Following Victoria's warmest December on record, January 2019 will rank as one of our warmest January's. The Climate Outlooks for February to April, issued 31 January, show higher than average temperatures are likely to continue. Most of the State has roughly equal chances of a wetter or drier than average three months ahead.

Daytime temperatures are very likely (greater than 80% chance) to be above average along much of the coast with chances reducing slightly further inland. Night-time temperatures are very likely to be above average in the south and east with chances reducing slightly in the northwest.


There is no indication towards a wetter or drier than average February to April for most of Victoria. Above average rainfall is favoured in the far east, while below average rainfall is favoured in the far west.


The outlook is being influenced buy the warmer than average Tasman Sea and the long-term increasing trend in global air and ocean temperatures.

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