Water Policy Council Northern Region Representative 2017

This year voting members will be issued an email to vote online where we have a valid email address on file or a postal vote where no email address is valid. All voting members in the Northern region as at 5pm October 31 2017 are eligible to vote. 

The northern region consists of the following:

East Goulburn
West Goulburn
Cobram Horticulture
St James/Devenish
Strathmerton Dairy

The two nominees are Wade Northausen and Paul Mundy. (See Wade's bio attached below.)

Online Voting

  • Voting will be open from November 8 to November 30
  • Nominees who have provided an email address will receive an email on November 8 with directions and a link to the online voting site
  • A record of members voting online is maintained but the votes themselves are anonymous
  • Once an online vote is confirmed the vote is final and cannot be changed
  • If you choose to vote online, any postal ballot received will be invalid

Postal Voting

  • Each member without an email address on file will receive ballot papers for the election
  • If choosing to vote by postal ballot, completed ballots are to be enclosed in the ballot envelope provided
  • Ballot envelope to be placed in the Reply paid envelope and mailed back to the VFF
  • All nominees casting a postal vote MUST sign or initial the back of reply paid envelope
  • Postal Ballots must be received at the VFF offices no later than 5pm Thursday November 30 2017 to be accepted.

If there are any questions regarding this election please contact VFF Interim CEO Stephen Sheridan on 1300 882 833.