Right to Farm

The VFF works on behalf of members to ensure planning and environmental regulation does not adversely impact the ongoing and productive use of land for the production of food and fibre. 

The position of the VFF is to ensure the Victorian state planning policy framework:

  • Has regard for the impact of lost agricultural land on Australia’s ability to continue to produce food and fibre in a growing and evolving domestic and global marketplace
  • Protects the Farming Zone from non-farming use
  • Does not adversely impact the future growth of farming enterprises through non-agricultural land uses and subdivisions
  • Delivers a strategic approach to environmental policy and controls of agricultural production in farming areas
  • Provides strong direction  to local councils in rural areas to ensure agricultural production takes precedence over new land uses
  • Relate the definitions of animal husbandry to the use of land rather than production methods. For example use “piggery” as the definition rather than “intensive” production which requires a permit
  • Reduces compliance with inbuilt environmental and animal best practice standards
  • The VFF is also calling for the state government to reinstate the Vendor Statement notice (Section 32 Statement of the Sale of Land Act) to advise buyers moving into a farming area about exposure to noise, smell and dust normally produced by agricultural activities.