Introduction to Victoria’s Mineral Resources is a collaboration between the Minerals Council of Australia and the Victorian Farmers Federation. The purpose of this document is to help guide farmers through the Sustainable Development Act 1990 and how the Act interacts with agricultural land. The Act aims to encourage minerals exploration and development in a way that makes best use of and is compatible with the economic, social and environmental objectives of the state (Victoria). In this context, compatibility means all factors, including agricultural activity and environmental management, must be considered. The objectives of the Act include to ensure:

  • Risks posed to the environment, members of the public, or to land, property or infrastructure by work being done under a licence or extractive industry work authority are identified and are eliminated or minimised as far as reasonably practical
  • Consultation mechanisms are effective and appropriate access to information is provided
  • Just compensation is paid for the use of private land for exploration and mining
  • Conditions in licences and approvals are enforced

To find out more, including about consent and compensation, please download the document below.