Do you want to find out more about making Victoria’s water market work for your business - but don’t know where to start?

Introducing Water. Unplugged., a two-part podcast series helping Victoria’s irrigators make the most of the water market.

Join Aither Director Chris Olszak, Waterpool CEO Peter Lawford, northern Victoria irrigator Craig Reynolds and former chair of Dairy Australia Geoff Akers, as they explore the intricacies of Victoria’s water market in a panel discussion moderated by ABC Rural’s Kath Sullivan and hosted by the Rural Press Club of Victoria.

EPISODE ONE - Understanding the victorian water market

“Every irrigator is speculating on what’s going to happen into the future, and having to make decisions under uncertainty and risk. They need to understand their own internal business and how to make a profit and they need to keep an eye on the market” – Chris Olszak, Aither Victoria’s water market is complex, but working with the market can make the world of difference for irrigators and their business.

Episode one of Water. Unplugged. focuses on the machinations of the market and explores what drives prices, providing clarity as to why the market behaves as it does.

EPISODE TWO - Participating in the victorian water market

“A balanced portfolio is the key to security (and) there are a number of products that can provide alternative solutions to on-farm planning of water use.” – Peter Lawford, Waterpool

Join us for Episode two of Water. Unplugged. focusing on practical insight and advice for irrigators in the market, touching on the challenges, potential solutions, the most trusted resources and the most reliable sources of water market information.