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Victoria is a major pork producing state and is estimated to have the fourth largest number of sows in Australia. There are currently 250 herds with over 40,000 sows representing 15 percent of the total number of sow herds across Australia.

Pork producers are spread throughout Victoria but are largely concentrated in the northern regions.

The pork industry has undergone profound structural change over the last 20 years, with Australian producers decreasing from 19,279 in 1980 to 1,500 in 2006. However, during this period the average herd size has increased from 18.3 to an estimated 200 due to improved animal care and husbandry practices.

The economic value of the Victorian pig industry during 2006 was estimated to be $390 million with over 7,000 jobs being generated. Across Australia, the current value is in excess of $2 billion a year, providing more than 25,000 jobs for Australia.

The VFF Pig Group represents Victorian pig farmers' commercial and social interests to raise the standing and profitability of pig farming. The Pig Group provides a means for Victorian pig farmers' interests and views to be represented on state issues directly through VFF resources and on national issues through Australian Pork Limited, the pig industries national representative body.

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