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The apicultural industry is an important player in primary industry in Australia. The industry supports over 200 commodities that rely on honey bee pollination to produce a crops. Sixty five percent of grains, pulses, fruit and vegetables eaten in the Australian diet require direct pollination by honey bees. This makes the apiculture industry a significant contributor to the Victorian and Australian economy. In fact “one in three mouthfuls of food that we consume comes from the aid of pollination by honeybees.” (RIRDC 2016)

Alongside their important pollination role beekeepers derive a large portion of their revenue from producing world class Australian varieties of honey which command premium prices on world markets. Australian beekeepers also support apiculture businesses abroad, by exporting packaged honey bees and queen bees to many countries and producing bees wax for cosmetics.

The VFF Beekeepers branch is an active branch that works in conjunction with our beekeeping associations. Our recent lobbying wins have included:

  • Legislative reform to secure beekeepers’ rights to secure hive sites in forested public lands
  • Changing the licence renewal date from the busiest time in January to July.

This branch is able to achieve lobbying wins by showing government it represents industry through membership and has strong links to the broader agriculture community under the VFF banner.

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