Acting on behalf of our members and the industry

The VFF Chicken Meat Group provides members with a united voice to government and a liaison between growers and other organisations.

Additionally the group also provides a range of benefits, including commercial benefits.

Organisations which we work closely with include State Government, FREPA, the processors, RSPCA and representatives from other agriculture sectors.

Our work with other organisations aims to provide an industry perspective, with the objective of achieving the best outcomes for our farmers.

Since 2004 the VFF has worked with Councils, the State Government and Growers to decrease the number of complaints received about the industry by 89%. In the last six months only 15 complaints were made in Victoria about Chicken Meat farms. We will continue to work to reduce this number even further.

Find out more about Who we are and about the Policy Work we undertake on behalf of our members.

What the VFF Chicken Meat Group stands for:

  • Supporting Growers
  • Quality Produce for the consumer
  • Chickens raised using the highest welfare standards
  • Protection of people through appropriate food safety measures
  • Protection of the birds through strict biosecurity measures
  • Protecting the environment


    To ensure the VFF Chicken Meat group has some of the best produce in Australia the group runs an industry Quality Assurance program, Chicken Care, which ensures farmers use best farming practices including:

    • Animal welfare practices
    • Farm management practices
    • The surrounding environment is protected
    • More than 80% of VFF Chicken Meat members have taken part in the Chicken Care program to date.

    To increase the number of farms which are fully accredited, throughout the industry, the Victorian Government has funded Chicken Care for the next four years.

    For more information please refer to our Chicken Care page.

    Chicken Meat growths in Victoria only use two systems to raise their chickens.

    Conventional – Chickens are raised in a barn environment with ability to roam freely in the barn and excellent access to food and water. Keeping the chickens in the barn protects them from catching diseases from wild birds and from extreme weather. The temperature and health of the birds is constantly monitored.

    Free Range – Where the chickens have access to an outside range during the day (depending on several factors, including the weather) and are housed in a barn at night. During the day the chickens are free to roam both within the barn and outside as they like. At night they are housed in the barn to protect them from predators and the weather. The farmer constantly monitors the chickens and has biosecurity measures in place to mitigate the risk of disease among the birds.

    For more information about these systems and the industry please refer to our resources page.

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