Chicken Meat Group - who we are

The Chicken Meat Group represents the majority of contracted Chicken Meat growers in Victoria. The group supports, adds value and advocates for the farmers.

Uniquely, Chicken Meat growers have specific branches based on the processor growers are contracted with, which creates a community of Chicken Meat Growers.

Chicken Meat Branches

Every Chicken Meat member belongs to one of the four Chicken Meat Branches.

  • Turi
  • Inghams
  • Hazeldene

Each branch is run by a committee, which meets regularly. The branches provide a fantastic community for Chicken Meat farmers. Providing support and a social aspect of membership.


The Chicken Meat council is a member run council which governs the entire Chicken Meat Group. The council is the driving force behind the policy direction of the group as the council members are highly knowledgeable about the industry. 

Members of the council:

Vice President
Turi Branch President
Inghams Branch President
Hazeldene Branch President
FREPA Representative
Special Projects Officer
Past President

Meet the President - Allan Bullen

Involved in farming since his youth, Allan has been farming Chickens at his current property for 26 years. When his son, Andrew, became more involved at the farm this has allowed Allan to become more involved as an advocate for the industry, beginning with his position on the Inghams Branch Committee and leading to becoming President of the Victorian Chicken Meat Group.

He is passionate about explaining the industry to outsiders, protecting farmer’s right to farm and encouraging farmers to farm right. He helped introduce the Chicken Care/EMS program to Victoria and is still Chairman for the steering committee. He hopes to further all these causes during his presidency. 

National Representation

The VFF Chicken Meat group is represented nationally by the Australian Chicken Growers Council

Affiliated groups

The VFF Chicken Meat group is affiliated with Free Range Egg and Poultry Australia (FREPA) and the Victorian Chicken Meat Council (VCMC).


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