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For those in the Chicken Meat Group the benefits of a Chicken Meat membership extend to all areas of your business.

Contract Negotiation
Utilising the collective bargaining power of the VFF Chicken Meat Group, the VFF negotiates the prices growers receive from processors. To be able to take advantage of the prices the VFF negotiates you need to be part of the team.

Discounts on your gas
The VFF Chicken Meat Group set up the Rural Industries Cooperative Limited (RICL) in order to give VFF Members access to major discounts on their gas.

For more information on RICL, click here

Policy Advocacy
With the weight of the industry behind it, the VFF has the lobbying clout to be heard by the processors and the government. The VFF employs the expertise of dedicated professional staff to achieve better outcomes for members and regularly meets with the Government and Departments to discuss issues of concern to the industry.

Legal Advice
Cost savings on major legal Issues that may arise should Government, Council Planning and other significant issues that growers deal with from time to time.

Workplace Relations
The VFF can provide advice on workplace relations, saving costs, time and streamlining your administration. There are different levels of support you can receive. For more information please click here.

Quality Assurance Accreditation
The VFF offers the ‘Chicken Care’ program which is a quality assurance program recognised by the industry and government. The program covers several aspects of good practice farming beyond regulatory requirements such as better environmental, animal welfare and biosecurity outcomes for farms.

Every six weeks every member of the VFF Chicken Meat group receives Chicken Chat, the groups’ newsletter. The newsletter covers current issues in the industry, what the VFF have been doing and any news sent through from the members.

Networking and Events
The VFF Chicken Meat group runs events for the group as a whole every year, alternating between a large conference and several regional dinners. These events are fantastic for farmers to meet other farmers as well as our sponsors and the team at the VFF.

Additionally the VFF has recently invested into creating discussion boards for each Chicken Meat branch so everyone in that branch can share concerns, warnings and advice. This also allows individual concerns to be shared with branch executives and brought up at council meetings.

With the majority of Chicken Meat growers in Victoria the VFF is in a strong position to help industry react quickly to biosecurity threats. To assist the VFF provides opportunities for networking, training and provides information which can greatly assist you in maintaining the health and wellbeing of your chickens.

You must be a VFF member to take advantage of our skilled staff, the power of our united grower network and our extensive range of products, deals and services.

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