Cover Letter.pdfVFF Industrial Association

The VFF Industrial Association is a federally registered organisation registered with Fair Work Australia.

Chaired by Victorian egg farmer Meg Parkinson, the Executive Committee consists of five members, all with valid memberships to the VFF Industrial Association. Committee members include:

President: Meg Parkinson

Vice President: Susan Finger

Treasurer: Alan Bowman

Committee Member: Sarah Parker

Committee Member: Rien Silverstein

The Industrial Association's role is to meet throughout the year to discuss matters pertaining to all aspects of employment and training in agriculture, provide industrial services for its members and decide on the best action or stance to take in order to achieve the best outcome possible for members.

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VFFIA Financials September 2016


VFFIA Committee List 2016

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Declaration Report


Initial Elected

Post election report

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The following documents were submitted to Fair Work on 15 December 2016 regarding VFFIA rule changes:

Cover Letter


Notice of Particulars

VFFIA Current Rules - Track Changes