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The Bureau of Meteorology's 2020 calendar makes any wall a wonderwall

Some of this country's most spectacular weather phenomena are captured and explained in the Bureau of Meteorology's 2020 calendar, with the theme "Weather safety for all Australians".

Bureau chief executive officer Dr Andrew Johnson said competition for inclusion in this year's edition was as tough as ever, with hundreds of amateur and professional photographers submitting their snaps and a final 13 pictures going into print.

"I am proud to say that our 2020 calendar includes images from every State and Territory, as well as Antarctica, so we're covering Australia and beyond, from the tropics to the frozen continent," Dr Johnson said.

"It features everything from fascinating cloud formations, such as the incredible morning glory cloud above Burketown in northwest Queensland, to an intricate close-up of a frosted leaf near Canberra.

"Every page provides an insight into both the striking visuals and the danger posed by severe weather conditions, so it perfectly fits our weather safety message of 'Know your weather. Know your risk.'"

Credit: Martin Ascher, Mallacoota Images

While Martin Ascher has always had a love for photography, it's his passion for the local community that gives him the motivation to capture his hometown of Mallacoota through the lens.

Having helped set up the Mallacoota Fundraising Group a few years ago, Martin now donates his images for a calendar that sees all proceeds go back to emergency services in the community. 'All of the emergency services here are voluntary, so we're very proud we've been able to make a contribution and support the people of Mallacoota,' Martin says.

'Here where we live, you can just about point the camera in any direction, and you'll get a beautiful picture. I just love the remoteness, it's unspoiled—you can walk all day and you won't pass a single person.' On this particular day, Martin says he got up early and noticed the colour in the sky, taking off before daybreak to photograph the amazing scene. 'There'd been bushfires in the area and it created the most spectacular sunrise, and to get the reflection off the water as well was just amazing.'

See Martin's photo, along with the other breathtaking pictures in the Australian Weather Calendar 2020 at

The calendar can be ordered from the Bureau's online shop at, by phone on 1300 798 789 or purchased at selected Bureau offices. Prices are $15 for the small version and $17 for the traditional A2 size (plus P&H) and can be sent to friends and family anywhere in the world.

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