End of The Week Apple Crumble

On a rainy winter’s Sunday afternoon, empty the fridge and create a delicious family pudding to end the week.

1. Gather up all the apples, pears and other fruit you have left in the fridge. Peel, chop into chunks and gently simmer in a pot of water on the stove until just soft
2. Put aside to cool
3. In a bowl, mix together two cups of plain flour and 125 grams of butter (cut into pieces). With clean fingers, crumble the butter and the plain flour together. Stir in one cup of brown sugar
4. In a baking dish, layer the apple mixture along the bottom. Pour in a little of the juice so it doesn’t dry out. Squeeze a lemon across the top of the apple mixture
5. Sprinkle the crumble (should be a thick layer) across the top of the apple mixture and bake immediately for 30minutes at 180oC
6. Serve with thick custard and creamy vanilla ice cream.

Add a twist: passionfruit or raspberries are a great addition to the apple mixture.

Advice: Only add the crumble just before cooking the pudding otherwise it will go soggy!