12 Farm Safety Tips

According the WorkSafe, farming returned to its position of Victoria's most dangerous industry in 2009 recording nine of the 30 work related deaths so far this year.

WorkSafe encourages all farm employers, workers and families to take active steps to ensure the current farm death rate is arrested. WorkSafe's top 12 farm safety tips include:

  1. Maintenance should be regular and carried out by a suitably-qualified person, particularly brakes;
  2. Application of parking brakes prevents runovers, even on relatively flat ground;
  3. Missing or inadequate guarding, particularly power take offs on tractors can catch clothes, hair or body parts;
  4. Working alone increases risks if something goes wrong. Let someone know where you'll be and when you're due back. Take a mobile or two-way, check in;
  5. Use equipment best suited for the job;
  6. Separate people and moving machinery including trucks making deliveries and pick-ups. Keep them away from power lines - look up and live;
  7. Get home-made or modified equipment checked by a suitably-qualified person;
  8. Set a good example by demonstrating safety expectations to workers. Ensure they are properly trained and qualified, including contractors. Relying on someone's (or your own) skill and experience can lead to over-confidence and risk-taking;
  9. Having fall protection and using it prevents deaths, brain damage and permanent spinal injuries;
  10. Wear a helmet when riding a quad bike, motorbike or horse;
  11. Working areas of farms and farm machinery are no place for children;
  12. Know your limitations.

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