Be Farm Safe

The Victorian Farmers Federation promotes farm safety as something that every farmer can do. Living and working on farms in Australia is one of the most rewarding, challenging, diverse and toughest jobs people choose to do.

We know that any day can produce enormous troughs, peaks and despair along with laughter, delight and pride. We also know that every day we all have a role in keeping ourselves, our families and our workforce safe.

Be Farm Safe is for all farmers.

See our President David Jochinke, below talking about tips for farm safety.

  • Children on farms are high risk. Show your children what a safe farm looks like
  • Farm Safe recommends only children over 16 ride quad bikes
  • Store empty chemical containers in a secure location, triple rinse and deposit at a drumMUSTER collection point free of charge
  • Protect hearing with ear plugs, insulate cabins and limit time exposed to noise by rotating working tasks and locations
  • Fire safety – be alert all year and prevent unplanned fires by checking machinery, vehicles and equipment
  • Be emergency prepared. Ensure you have a well-stocked first aid kit in farm sheds, on machinery and in vehicles. If you work alone, make a plan on how you will seek help in an emergency.

Farm Safety Initiatives

Keeping Kids Safe

Watch this two minute video as a reminder about keeping kids safe on-farm.


Dairy farm safety report
(Adobe PDF File)