A Snapshot of VFF Policy


Young Farmers

Forced the Victorian Government to commit to its election promise on $13,070 in stamp duty savings for young farmers buying their first land.

Launched the VFF’s Gen F campaign to recruit the next generation of food and fibre produces with our Young Agribusiness Professionals holding 11 forums across the state.



Launched a rates campaign to reform a grossly unfair municipal rating system.

The VFF has:

  1. Launched a petition calling for a Victorian Parliamentary inquiry into rural rating.
  2. Demanded mandatory discounted rate differentials for all commercial farms.
  3. Called for legislative reforms to reduce the unjust rates burden on farmers.


Stopped the Federal Government just stripping water out of northern Victoria’s irrigation communities.

  1. Our battle led to $2.2 billion being pumped into modernising the state’s irrigation system.
  2. The final plan is all about investing more efficient water use, by environmentalists and irrigators.             

Fire Service Levy

Got both sides of politics to dump the controversial fire services levy on insurance, on which we all had to pay stamp duty and GST.



Carbon Tax

Joined with the National Farmers Federation campaign for an end to the carbon tax. And won at least one battle in preventing the carbon tax directly applying to farmers.



Primary Producer Registration

Gained a commitment from the Victorian Government to protect primary producer vehicle registrations in Victoria – the national harmonisation of heavy vehicle regulation will propose a threat to the continuation of PPRs, which provide a benefit of over $40m/yr to Victorian farmers



Mining & Coal Seam Gas

Won Victorian Government support to give farmers a greater say in coal seam gas developments.



Campaign with the Australian Dairy Farmers against $1-a-litre milk, which led to:

1. two Federal government inquiries
2. our call for the ACCC to be given greater powers
3. call for mandatory code of conduct for the supermarkets



Cost of Labour

Successfully fought and won a 2 year battle to protect hundreds of fruit, flower and vegetable growers from paying twice for long service provisions.
The Magistrates Court of Victoria in July this year ruled that an employee’s attempt to claim long service leave, when they had already been paid long service leave in the form of a loading was an attempt to double dip.


Animal Welfare

Protecting farmers access to markets for bobby calves, by helping set sound welfare standards.