Onshore Gas 

Tell us your views

The VFF has prepared a survey to gather members’ views on onshore gas

Do you believe there’s no place for onshore gas exploration and extraction in Victoria? Do you fear it will tarnish agriculture’s image? Or do you support onshore gas extraction and want the current moratorium lifted?

Now’s your chance to tell us your views as part of the VFF’s submission to the Victorian Parliament’s inquiry into onshore gas.

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VFF Position
  • Farmers should hold the right of veto over mining and petroleum activities on their land. 

  • Extend and change the present moratorium on issuing new CSG exploration licences and fracking, to include all types of unconventional gas exploration and mining for at least another term of government.

  • Landowners must receive appropriate commercial payments for all mining and petroleum activities on their land. 

  • Any water of suitable quality obtained from exploration of gas on farmland be made available for agricultural use subject to stringent regulatory requirements. 

  • There must be no long-term adverse off-site impacts from mining and petroleum developments. For example on water supply or quality. 

  • Farmland must be rehabilitated to its previous productive use at the end of the life of a mining or petroleum development. 

  • Information on mining and petroleum issues must be made available to VFF members. 

  • The rights of landholders must be protected in minerals and petroleum legislation.

  • Baseline information must be collected prior to the development of mineral or petroleum resources and independent monitoring must be undertaken during the development.

  • In the case of land, air, or water contamination the onus should be on the mining or gas company to prove their activities are not causing the impacts. 

victorian parliamentary inquiry into unconventional gas

The Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into Unconventional Gas has commenced. 

The VFF is preparing as submission on your behalf. As it is a public inquiry, the VFF encourages its members to provide feedback and comment to the VFF as well as consider lodging individual submissions where there is interest.  Written submissions are due Friday 10 July.

The VFF will also be presenting its submission at the Parliamentary Environment and Planning Committee hearing to be held in Melbourne in late August. The date for the Melbourne hearing is yet to be set and the Parliamentary Committee is likely to conduct hearings in Gippsland and Western Victoria.

The Terms of Reference for the Parliamentary Inquiry can be found on the Victorian Parliament’s website or by clicking HERE

In particular, the Inquiry will focus on:
The potential benefits of onshore unconventional gas as an energy source
The potential risks, including risks to the environment, land productivity, agricultural industries and public health, and whether such risks can be managed
The impact on the legal rights of property owners and existing land and water uses
How this issue is managed in other Australian and international jurisdictions
Potential changes to our legislative and regulatory framework

If you have any comments to provide or questions about the submission please contact Emily Waters, VFF Land Management Policy Adviser on 9207 5526 or ewaters@vff.org.au.

2014 candidate state election commitments
Candidate/Party Electorate Policy Position
Safwat Ali (IND)
Bruce Argyle (IND)
Jo Clutterbuck(IND)
Matt DeLeon (IND)
Clare LeServe (IND)
Bass No CSG and to have the Rural Engagement Group implemented.
Katrina Rainsford (IND)
Stephen Jolly (IND)
Clarke Martin (IND) Sandringham
Ali Cupper (IND) Mildura
Geoff Shaw (IND) Frankston
Liberal Party of Australia

Moratorium on all onshore gas until at least July 2015.
Undertaking community consultation.
Will not grant farmers the Power of veto over mining and gas developments on their land.
The Nationals
Moratorium on all onshore gas until at least July 2015.
Undertaking community consultation.
Will not grant farmers the Power of veto over mining and gas developments on their land.
Australian Labor Party Labor will maintain a moratorium on non-conventional gas extraction, until such time as science proves that it’s safe and there is broad community support for its removal.
Victorian Greens The Greens support a permanent ban on onshore gas development
Australian Christians Believe a moratorium on coal seam gas mining is required until proven safe for the environment.
Any future decision made by Australian Christians regarding policy on the issue would take into account first and foremost the effects on the family unit and human health, secondarily environmental concerns and lastly, yet still importantly, economic factors.
Australian Country Alliance ACA does not support fracking until there is indisputable and independentevidence that it is safe, especially for underground water reserves.
Family First
Voice 1 Local Jobs Fully supports the VFF's position in regard to Unconventional Gas exploration and production in Victoria.
Australian Sex Party
Save the Planet
Voice for the West Supports a landholder veto over minerals and gas exploration on their land, and opposes any extensionof the moratorium on CSG and fracking to other types of unconventional gas exploration in the next term of parliament.
Palmer United Party
Socialist Alliance