With National WHS Harmonisation in most states it has never been more important to address your company's mandatory legal requirements to operate a business.

It has also never been simpler using the Monit system. Click here for more information.

Here's what VFF Members have to say:

"As many within the VFF know, I own and operate an Egg Farm in Victoria and am President of the VFF Egg group.

I was recently introduced to John Caust and his company Monit, chosen by the VFF to provide an OHS safety management plan to VFF members.
That selection process and evaluation of Monit took two years!

I readily admit my scepticism in engaging Monit, as I believed that I was running a professional and safe business. However, onsite audits by Monit uncovered areas of my business I was not aware were lacking in addressing my mandatory legal OHS obligations and Monit set about creating a plan for me to follow monthly, quite economically!

Coincidentally, only weeks after commencing with Monit, I was subjected to a ‘random’ visit by a WorkSafe inspector.
Early stages of that visit were quite unpleasant and the inspector seemed to be leading me into a maze I was unable to negotiate out of, until I nominated Monit as my OHS external providers.

John Caust attended onsite with the inspector within twenty four hours and once the inspector understood the Monit methodology and the direction Monit was taking my business, his attitude completely changed from one of controlled aggression to one of significant praise!

So much so that Monit has been asked to participate in a future road show with that division of WorkSafe!

I am under no illusions I would have finished in a very different position had it not been for John Caust and Monit!  
My initial scepticism has turned to glowing endorsement and I encourage all VFF members to talk to Monit, irrespective of where you think your business might currently be with respect to addressing OHS legislation.

I would be happy to elaborate further by phone should anyone wish me to do so!"

Brian Ahmed