Exclusive member offers

Our partners understand the needs of farmers.
They offer great deals for members and also support regional communities.

The Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) has secured a range of deals for members with partners and sponsors who understand the needs of farmers.

VFF Partners

WFI has a long and proud history in Australia, dating back to 1919. One of the Australia's leading rural, business and strata insurers we believe in friendly, personal service. That's why we have over 170 local Area Managers based in more than 80 locations across Australia. An underwriter that deals directly with clients, coupled with a fast, efficient claims settlement service. WFI offer a wide range of policies and insurance covers for farm, business, trade, home, strata and investment property requirements.

As a VFF member, you get special energy rates from Momentum Energy. But that’s not the only reason to join other VFF members and switch your power.

See, Momentum is a 100% Aussie owned and operated energy company. So your money stays right here in Australia instead of lining offshore pockets. And our only call centres are in Melbourne and Hobart, so if you need help, you’ll get it from a local. What else? Well, working on the land means you’re probably seeing the effects of climate change, right? So surely it’s good to know you’d be helping support our parent company - Australia’s largest generator of renewable energy, Hydro Tasmania.

But it’s not just about supporting our country and doing our bit for the environment. We are also here to support you. That’s why VFF members get priority service from our Customer Care team, based here in Victoria.

As a VFF member, you get special energy rates, go to momentum.com.au/VFF for more info or call 1800 628 644 to arrange a visit or a quote. We’d love to chat.

Prime Super is an independent profit-to-member super fund. We have provided super and retirement solutions to Australians for more than 20 years. From beginnings in regional Australia, Prime Super has grown to represent a wide range of workers and industries. Our solutions take the complexity out of super and investments for our members, helping them grow, manage and protect their wealth. Our tag line is ‘Surprisingly Straightforward’ - and it’s more than just words. It’s at the heart of how we engage with you and focuses our commitment to ensure we simplify the complex and deliver meaningful interactions.

Part of our philosophy is to sponsor in the industries and communities we serve. This is our way of giving back to the employers and workers who are part of the Fund. Through these sponsorships and partnerships, we learn and evolve to remain connected, relevant and value- adding.

When we partner with employers, we’re straightforward and proactive in our relationships. When we help our members, we help empower them to make fully informed decisions. We want each person to get the best retirement outcome from their lifetime of work, and this underpins our member service.