Media Releases

  • Budget Boosts Agriculture to Lead Economic Recovery | 7/10/2020  

    The Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) welcomes the focus on agriculture in this year’s Federal Budget and says the budget measures will better equip agriculture to help lead Australia’s economic recovery.

  • VFF welcomes funding to build supply chain resilience | 6/10/2020  

    The Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) welcomes the Federal Government’s $1.5 billion dollar investment into local manufacturing, including $107.2 million dollar spend to address supply chain vulnerabilities.

  • VFF provides formal notice of 2020 elections | 30/09/2020  

    The Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) today has announced the formal notice of the 2020 VFF elections, and is calling for nominations across a wide range of representative positions.

  • Agriculture fuelled for the future | 14/09/2020  

    The Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) welcomes the Federal Government’s $211 million dollar investment for Australia’s fuel security and says the decision will help secure the essential fuel needed to keep Victoria’s agriculture industry moving.

  • VFF backs tougher water compliance and enforcement | 8/09/2020  

    The Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) has welcomed Victorian Water Minister Lisa Neville’s announcement to adopt all recommendations in the Water Compliance and Enforcement Review completed by the former Victorian Auditor General Des Pearson.

  • Common sense prevails for Victorian farmers | 4/09/2020  

    The Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) welcomes the adoption of the National Agriculture Worker Code by Victoria and our neighbouring states South Australia and New South Wales.

  • VFF Warns on Meat Processing Restrictions | 4/09/2020  

    The Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) is calling for the Victorian Government to change the industry restart roadmap for the meat processing industry and allow regional Victoria to open up where safe to do so.

  • Pitt recognises need for change | 4/09/2020  

    The Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) has today welcomed Federal Water Minister Keith Pitt’s action on key VFF Basin Plan priorities.

  • VFF welcomes NSW/SA border restriction changes | 26/08/2020  

    The Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) welcomes the partial relaxation of border restrictions announced today by both the New South Wales and South Australian Governments.

  • VFF welcomes NSW- Victoria border announcement | 18/08/2020  

    The Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) welcomes the announcement of the farmer permit which we called for last week to ensure the movement of people and products into parts of New South Wales.

  • Build it and the trains will come | 18/08/2020  

    The Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) Grains Group President Ashley Fraser said data revealed yesterday on the heavy use of the reinstated Rainbow-Dimboola rail line proves the case for further investment in the Murray Basin Rail Project.