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  • Farmers condemn unnecessary animal welfare regulation 

    VICTORIA’s peak farmer group has slammed aspects of the Andrews Labor Government’s Animal Welfare Action Plan including proposed recognition of animal sentience and the formation of the new Animal Welfare Victoria.
  • Blackouts leave farmers in the dark 

    Powerful storms buffeted the state on Tuesday evening, leaving a trail of darkness behind them. Dairy farmers in northern Victoria were left without power for more than 24 hours, with cows suffering from two missed milkings in a row, while power was
  • VFF celebrates $30m investment 

    Minister for Agriculture Jaala Pulford announced a new $30 million Agriculture Energy Investment Plan, which will provide farmers with on farm energy assessments and grants, as well as demonstrations, research, and skills and education works.
  • New USO is a win for rural Australia 

    The Federal Government took a step towards closing the digital divide between rural Australians and their metropolitan counterparts today, announcing it will work towards a new Universal Service Guarantee.
  • Labor report backs VFF Horticulture recommendations 

    The Victorian Farmers Federation is gratified to see Federal Government’s report “Hidden in plain sight” has many well thought out and practical recommendations, which will be able to be effectively implemented and have real world impact.
  • ACCC fails to deliver entire supply chain solution 

    The United Dairyfarmers of Victoria is pushing for action to address power imbalances between milk processors and supermarket retailers following the release last Thursday of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) interim report
  • Days of discounted dairy must end 

    VICTORIA’S peak dairy group will throw its support behind calls to ensure farmers receive a fair deal from the sale of domestic dairy products.
  • Q-fever 

    THE livestock industry loses 1,700 weeks in productivity each year and millions of dollars across the supply chain due to a lack of understanding around Q fever.
  • Southern livestock industry calls for change 

    VICTORIAN cattle producers are demanding a crackdown on anti-competitive behaviour across the livestock supply chain following the release yesterday of a landmark Senate report that slammed the lack of transparency in the red meat industry.
  • VFF helps livestock producers with biosecurity 

    The Victorian Farmers Federation Livestock Health and Biosecurity program is on hand to help livestock producers in Victoria understand and implement the changes to the Livestock Production Assurance (LPA) program.