Cattle Underpass Scheme opens today

Thursday 1 December 2016

VICTORIAN dairy farmers will get a boost to improve farm safety and productivity with the launch today of a new round of the Cattle Underpass Scheme (CUPS).

The Victorian Farmers Federation is administering the $3 million program, which will make available grants of up to $50,000 for farmers to build cattle underpasses on their properties.

“This is a great opportunity for farmers to invest in maintaining their efficiency while also improving workplace safety,” United Dairyfarmers of Victoria President Adam Jenkins said.

“The CUPS program has always been very popular and in our experience it gets over-subscribed very quickly, so everyone needs to keep their eyes out for more information on how to apply.”

The VFF has worked with successive Victorian Governments to build 550 cattle underpasses since the program was first introduced in 2000.

The schemes have taken thousands of cows off the state’s roads, resulting in:

• Improved road safety;

• Improved workplace safety for farmers and their employees;

• Improved farm efficiency and productivity; and

• The Removal of impediments to the expansion of dairy farms and growth of the industry.

“Safety is a big factor, not just for the public but for the stock,” Mr Jenkins said

“As farms get bigger and bigger there is even more demand for underpasses. It’s just unsafe going over roads especially with the larger herds, so underpasses are just a must have now.”

The CUPS program is being funded by the Government’s $200 million Agriculture Industry and Jobs Fund (AIJF), which aims to create jobs, boost exports, and support farmers in transporting their products from paddock to port.

Anyone applying for the program can contact the VFF by emailing or by calling 1300 882 833 and asking for the Cattle Underpass Scheme.

Media Contacts:

Adam Jenkins, UDV President: 0437 008 806

Ashley Mackinnon, VFF Public Affairs Officer: 0417 165 784