Horticulture Group

Executive (2015-2017)

President: Owen Brinson (Flowers)
Vice President: Emma Germano (Vegetables)
Executive Member: Peter Cochrane (Vegetables) 
Executive Member: Bill Bulmer (Vegetables)
Group Manager: Lis Blandamer 

Policy Council (2015-2017)

Sue Finger – Immediate Past President (Pome fruit)
Rien Silverstein (Pome fruit)
Peter Radevski (Pome fruit)
Julie Godwill (Pome and stone fruit)
Gaye Tripodi (Stonefruit)
Ann Young (Stonefruit)
Michael Pettinella (Strawberries)
Nina Lunde (Berries)
Frank Rovers (Potatoes)
Louis Chirnside (Processing Tomatoes)
John Piccirillo (Citrus)
Colin McCormack (Onions)
David Wallace (Vegetables)

To contact the VFF Horticulture Group call Lis Blandamer on 1300 882 833 or email lblandamer@vff.org.au