The VFF Grains Group is an active link between its members and the broader grains industry. Our membership includes more than 60 percent of Victorian grain growers, including cereal, legume and seed growers. We provide a democratic and representative voice for growers.We offer our members a number of services that directly benefit their farm businesses and assist them to make the most of the new grain marketing arrangements. 

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Brett Hosking is a fifth generation farmer from Quambatook, in Victoria’s Mallee. He and his wife Jane, along with their four girls, grow wheat, barley, oats, canola and various legumes. They also breed Merinos and run a small herd of cattle. Brett is active in his local community and is involved in many of the organisations which contribute to keeping a small community going. He represented the Eastern Mallee region on the VFF Grains Council for several years before he was elected as President.

As President of the VFF Grains Group, Brett adds strength to the voice of Victorian grain growers and ensures members have the opportunity to lead the direction of our industry and be a voice in the issues which affect us all. Brett's passion is helping growers, agribusiness and industry work together to grow a strong and vibrant grains industry in Victoria and across the country.



Grains Council Office bearers       STAFF
President Brett Hosking Grains Group Manager Stephen Sheridan
      Grains Policy Officer Stephanie Krezel
Northern Mallee Peter Thompson
Southern Mallee   Garry Bibby
Eastern Mallee Ashley Marshall
West Wimmera Rob McRae
Wimmera Marshall Rodda
Charlton Colin Coates
Bendigo Mark Collins
Murray Goulburn Peter Lawless
Southern Noel Barr
Seeds Industry Ashley Fraser


If you have an issue you would like the Council to discuss, or you are interested in becoming involved in the Council, please speak to your regional representative or email grains@vff.org.au.