2018 VFF Conference

19th July to 20th July
Mercure Ballarat Hotel and Convention Centre

The following resolutions were carried at the 2018 VFF Conference:

 Conference Resolutions 2018

That the funds allocated to enable rebates for OPD’s on quad bikes & for SSV be available and extend the program and include similar vehicles to those already mentioned.

That VFF advocate for power infrastructure in regional areas to be upgraded to:
a. Improve fire safety and
b. To allow farmers to participate in the energy generation economy.
c. To improve affordable supply reliability

That VFF works to seek support for continued research (with MLA) into reducing methane emissions from grazing stock.

There is a need for a fully funded designated stock and rural crime squad in the Police department of Victoria

That the VFF call for a federal royal commission into the Murray Darling Basin Plan to investigate any dishonesty, corruption and failure to follow due process.

The VFF to ensure the definition “highest value use” be redefined to properly and reasonably include flow on benefits of that use, including the social and economic value of the use of the megalitre of water.

On behalf of farmers/landowners in the Barwon River catchment area, the VFF urge the Victorian Water Minister to accept the recommendation of the Barwon Water Ground Water Community Reference Group in regards to the renewal of Barwon Water’s extraction licence for the Gerangamete aquafer.

The VFF provide to its members GMW’s justification for extending the irrigation district and how this land obtained licence.

That the VFF clarify the water losses associated with delivering water, formerly used in the GMID, to downstream irrigators in the lower Murray.

That the VFF demands a guarantee from the State Government that the 75GL of water savings that is to go to irrigators from Stage 1 Foodbowl Modernisation will be distributed back to irrigators as HRWS on the basis of Delivery Share.

The VFF lobby for grants for Outfall and Drainage Diversion Licence holders who have been impacted by water savings policy.
These grants will ensure the ability to access a Stock and Domestic Supply line so they can purchase water entitlements for Sock and Domestic purposes.

The VFF adopt the policy to reacquire the management of Landcare in its entirety from DELWP into the VFF to employ Landcare facilitators and co-ordinators to make more efficient use of Landcare funds

VFF policy council seek undertaking from the Government or Opposition and other minor parties to give undertaking prior to the State election so that Resolution 18 is enacted.

That the VFF strongly supports the continuation of the Ban on Fracking and the Moratorium on Onshore Gas Exploration and Mining until 2020 and the Gas Study being done by the Victorian Government, and that there is no change to this by the newly elected Government in Victoria. This is VFF Policy. There are over 73 Rural Communities in Victoria that also support this.

That VFF take a strong stand regarding climate change and its impacts on farmers, advocate for increased research, development and extension investment around adaptation to climate change on farm, and support farmers in becoming involved in mitigation through participation in the energy generation economy.

Large scale solar farms be excluded from land that has a water use licence

This VFF conference calls on all upcoming election candidates in the Victorian state election and candidate parties to commission a proper review of the current rural rating systems across Victoria and at a minimum agree to implement the 14 recommendations made from the inquiry into the sustainability and operational challenges of Victoria’s Rural and Regional Councils review tabled on the 27th March 2018

VFF to increase active information action on all upcoming candidates in the Victorian state election and seek support from all sides of government to structure a proper analysis of the current inequitable rating system

That the VFF members and interested rural residents assemble on the steps of Parliament at a date prior to the state election to seek commitment from all sides of Parliament on addressing the inequity of rural rates and rural services. Enough is enough.

The VFF also launched its 2018 state election platform during the conference. Click here to view the VFF election platform.